The Murder of King Tut: The Plot To Kill A Young King

Author: James Patterson
Genre: Historical; Mystery 
Release Date: September 2009
Pages: 352
Howard Carter grew up with little means, the son of an artist.  However, through a  family friend,  Carter is introduced to the fascinating world of Egyptology.  Carter sets off to Egypt at the rip age of seventeen with high hopes of finding tombs of pharaohs.  Fast-forward thirty years, Carter is now the laughing stock among his peers.  However, will Carter have the last laugh, finally finding King Tutankhamun’s virgin tomb? 

King Tut is a mere nine years old when his father, Akhenaten dies.  Ruling Egypt alongside his stepmother Nefertiti, he learns how to be a valiant pharaoh.  Following Nefertiti’s death, Tut is thrust into kingship at a very young age.  Behind his back, several of the royal viziers feel they would do a far superior job as Pharaoh than King Tut.  After all, it was Tut’s father who changed Egypt’s religion.  So did King Tut really die from an infection or was he murdered in a sinister plot? 

This suspenseful story is filled with lies, deceit, greed, and romance.  James Patterson does an excellent job of adding a fresh spin to an age-old tale.  The reader is filled with compassion for Carter, despite his cocky demeanor.  The reader is also filled with trepidation at King Tut’s impending fate.  If you are drawn to murder mystery’s then this is the novel for you.

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